The Talis Advantage

Talis develops revolutionary technologies to address critical clinical needs. Technologies at the core of our solutions are both simple and powerful.

Simplified and Automated
Sample Prep with Talis

Modular fluid management of samples and reagents in a single-use cartridge.

Splitting/ Subtraction

Fractionate fluid in partitions for parallel treatment


Automated metering of samples and reagents


Addition of preloaded internal standards and multiple reagents

Target Amplification

Amplify and label multiple molecules of interest

Lysis and Extraction

Lysis and extraction of nucleic acids from any microbe or cell


Proprietary valving manages test workflow

Sensitive Detection Methods

Combination of SlipChips, Fluorescence and Bright Field real-time imaging enable unlimited test formats in a compact platform.


Direct imaging or sensing of compartments for rapid qualitative assessment and multiplexing.


SlipChip™ sample partitioning in hundreds to thousands of fractions allows accurate quantification of biomolecules within 20% variance. [3]


Real-time quantification of individual compartments ensures specificity of test and enables safe multiplexing.


Multimode Bright Field / Fluorescence imaging enables parallel molecular, chemical and inmunoassay testing.

Test Innovation

A combination of proprietary technologies, unique capabilities and a strong drive to revolutionize medicine give Talis a pathway to develop novel solutions to big clinical challenges.

Molecular Biology

Highly evolved isothermal amplification chemistries.

Bioinformatics Design Pipeline

Proprietary primer and assay optimization bioinformatics pipeline reduces development cycles and optimizes for both sensitivity and specificity.


We embrace principles of Rapid Prototyping and Agile development to develop revolutionary integrated systems in the biomedical field.


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