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Talis is transforming medical care by enabling time-critical diagnostic results where and when clinical decisions are made.

COVID-19 Update

We are now faced with an unprecedented and challenging crisis. In response to this, Talis is accelerating its plans for a COVID-19 test on its Talis One point of care molecular diagnostics platform with the potential for results within 20 minutes. In addition, Talis is also preparing  a similar rapid COVID-19 assay in high-throughput format for laboratory use.

Talis plans to release these tests under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for use across a variety of clinical settings, including physician offices, urgent care, elder care and other sites representative of CLIA-waived environments.

How Talis Technology
is Changing Patient Care

Infectious diseases, a global problem

Today, patients are often forced to endure days of waiting for lab results. As a result, doctors may initiate empirical treatment with incomplete information. This approach is costly and can be harmful to patients. It also leads to serious drug resistance problems.

The Talis Solution

Our products will enable doctors to quickly select optimal therapies for their patients — minimizing risks, and reducing patient recovery times.

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The Talis Promise

To the Patient

Faster diagnosis leads to better therapy: Personalized therapies that work from day one help accelerate recovery and minimize side effects.

To the Physician

Faster results, greater confidence: Rapid innovative tests inform better treatment decisions.

To the Hospital

Better care experience that reduces cost and improves outcomes: Optimal personalized treatments reduce the length of stay.

To the Health Care System

Systemic healthcare spend is better managed: Cost-efficient, near-patient testing regardless of the care setting, from physician office to hospital bedside.

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